Pacama, founded in 2013, is a design studio that specializes in handcrafted furniture. Designs are aesthetically unified through the use of solid northeastern timber, clean lines, and balanced proportions. We appreciate subdued understated details and are conscious of how the physical environment can be a catalyst for transcendent, metaphysical experiences. Our work aims to be progressive while maintaining the integrity and quality of traditional fine woodworking. 

Pacama furniture is made to order in our studio in Upstate New York, and can be customized according to size, material, and finish. Our standard top-coat protection is a durable and modern matte finish, which is voc-free and made from natural oils and wax. We work primarily with wood native to the region, White Oak (natural, oxidized, or bleached), Black Walnut (natural or oxidized / clear or rustic), Cherry (natural or oxidized), Maple (natural or bleached), Ambrosia Maple (natural, bleached, or oxidized).

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Cedric Martin - - 845.750.5159

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Cedric Martin was born and raised in Lancaster County, PA where his Mennonite heritage instilled a reverence for tradition and simplicity. He learned fine woodworking and built his first pieces of furniture while in high school. After graduating from college, Cedric returned to working with wood in his mid-twenties by carving utensils and building furniture for a cafe he was running in Brooklyn, NY. Then while working as a creative arts therapist in Harlem, he took leave to study at both The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine and the North Bennett Street School in Boston, before going to work for a high-end cabinet shop for two years. During this time Cedric consistently worked on honing his own design skills and methods of production, creating countless prototypes and one-offs until a unique aesthetic began to emerge.  The result is a furniture collection born from organic creative growth and fostered by hands-on experimentation.

In addition to being represented in showrooms and stores in New York and Los Angeles, Cedric's work has been exhibited at the Guggenheim Store, The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, Housing Works' Design on a Dime, Boscobel, and the annual Field and Supply Design Fair, as well as featured in Remodelista.